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SG06_ANIDIS - Normative tecniche e metodi di progetto/verifica

Beam-column joint nomogram: A simple and fast-to-use tool to evaluate the joint integrity in RC structures Sommario
Vanni Nicoletti, Sandro Carbonari, Fabrizio Gara
NSE seismic demand characterization: the case of a Spanish RC residential building Sommario
Laura Navas-Sánchez, Francesca Ferretti, Marco Savoia, Carlos Gamboa-Canté, Jaime Cervera Bravo

SG07_ANIDIS - Metodi di analisi, modellazione e modelli di capacità

Maria Maglio, Rosario Montuori, Elide Nastri, Vincenzo Piluso
Modelling of exterior RC beam-column joints for the seismic assessment of RC-frames Sommario
Riccardo Nitiffi, Ernesto Grande, Maura Imbimbo, Annalisa Napoli, Roberto Realfonzo
Seismic behavior and nonlinear analysis of Hybrid Coupled Shear Walls Sommario
Francesco Morelli, Agnese Natali, Gabriele Poggi

SG09_ANIDIS - Ponti, gallerie e strutture strategiche e speciali

The significance of the dynamic interaction between bridge and trucks in the evaluation of the resonance structural frequencies Sommario
Vanni Nicoletti, Riccardo Martini, Davide Arezzo, Sandro Carbonari, Fabrizio Gara

GS06_ASSISi - Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation in existing and cultural heritage structures

Numerical application of viscoelastic devices for improving the out-of-plane behaviour of a historic masonry building Sommario
Nuno Mendes, Elesban Nochebuena-Mora, Paulo B. Lourenço

GS07_ASSISi - Resilience and sustainability: new challenges for the protection of structures and infrastructures

Versatile aseismic isolation based on practical applications of advanced materials for sustainable resilience against earthquakes Sommario
Peyman Narjabadifam, Mohammad Noori

GS09_ASSISi - Seismic protection of non-structural elements and equipment, statues and art objects

Design and experimental testing of earthquake-proof aluminium-glass partition walls Sommario
Fabrizio Scozzese, Antonello Mossucca, Rocco Ditommaso, Gianluca Auletta, Antonio Di Cesare, Domenico Nigro, Alessandro Zona, Felice Carlo Ponzo

SS09_ANIDIS_Computational Intelligence & Machine Learning: Applications and perspectives in earthquake engineering

Seismic upgrading of RC structures through an optimization procedure based on Genetic Algorithm Sommario
Francesco Nigro, Roberto Falcone, Enzo Martinelli

SS10_ANIDIS_Loss-assessment: post-earthquake data, predictions and mitigation strategies

Simplified tools for the risk assessment of existing buildings Sommario
Gerard J. O'Reilly, Al Moauyed Bellah Nafeh, Davit Shahnazaryan
Simplified framework for economic convenience of base isolation as seismic retrofit solution for existing RC buildings Sommario
Andrea Natale, Ciro Del Vecchio, Tobia Zordan, Marco Di Ludovico
Loss-driven warning protocol implemented to a railway viaduct Sommario
Iolanda Nuzzo, Carlos Riascos, Eugenio Chioccarelli, Daniele Losanno, Nicola Caterino, Antonio Occhiuzzi

SS13_ANIDIS_Automation and AI methodologies in design, analysis, monitoring and risk assessment processes of structures

Monitoring deformations of bridge portfolios using satellite MTInSAR Sommario
Andrea Nettis, Vincenzo Massimi, Raffaele Nutricato, Davide Oscar Nitti, Sergio Samarelli, Giuseppina Uva
Using machine learning approaches to perform defect detection of existing bridges Sommario
Sergio Ruggieri, Angelo Cardellicchio, Andrea Nettis, Vito Renò, Giuseppina Uva
A new tailored developed software for the risk classification of bridges according to the Italian guidelines Sommario
Agnese Natali, Vincenzo Messina, Walter Salvatore, Vincenzo Gervasi, Davide Anzalone, Andrea Canciani, Fabio Severino
An instrument of Artificial Intelligence to give a preview of the level of defectiveness of existing bridges Sommario
Agnese Natali, Vincenzo Messina, Walter Salvatore, Milind G. Padalkar, Alessio Del Bue, Carlos Beltrán-González

SS15_ANIDIS_Integration of SHM and numerical simulations for enhancing the seismic resilience of architectural heritage

SHM of historical buildings: The case study of Santa Maria in Via church in Camerino (Italy) Sommario
Davide Arezzo, Vanni Nicoletti, Sandro Carbonari, Fabrizio Gara, Leonardo Cipriani, Graziano Leoni

SS17_ANIDIS_Seismic retrofitting of masonry structures with FRP, FRCM, CRM and FRC systems

Compressive Strength of Masonry Confined by FRCM systems: Assessment of Existing Models and New Proposals Sommario
Annalisa Napoli, Roberto Realfonzo
Experimental investigation of FRCM under shear loading Sommario
Rebecca Fugger, Sara Fares, Pietro Meriggi, Francesca Nerilli, Sonia Marfia, Elio Sacco, Gianmarco de Felice

SS18_ANIDIS_Current strategies and proposal of new approaches for the design of Automated Rack Supported Warehouses

Experimental validation of dissipative reduced-section thin walled diagonals for seismic-resistant Automated Rack Supported Warehouses Sommario
Agnese Natali, Francesco Morelli
Experimental validation of plastic ovalization strategy for seismic-resistant Automated Rack Supported Warehouses Sommario
Agnese Natali, Francesco Morelli, Walter Salvatore, Dimitrios Tsarpalis, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos