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GS04_ASSISi - Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation in bridges and viaducts

Performance Assessment of a Bridge Seismically Isolated with Lead Rubber Bearings at Low Temperature Sommario
Volkan Karuk, Cansu Yasar, Esengul Cavdar, Gokhan Ozdemir

SS04_ANIDIS_Local collapse mechanisms in unreinforced masonry constructions: assessment and strengthening interventions

A digital tool based on macro-block limit analysis optimisation for non-periodic masonry Sommario
Simon Szabó, Marco Francesco Funari, Bora Pulatsu, Anastasios I. Giouvanidis, Shaghayegh Karimzadeh, Paulo B. Lourenço

SS06_ANIDIS_Advances in structural health monitoring for seismic assessment of historical structures and infrastructure

Building typological classification and earthquake damage assessment in Switzerland Sommario
Annalisa Casciato, Linda Scussolini, Giorgia Coletta, Alireza Khodaverdian, Rosario Ceravolo, Pierino Lestuzzi

SS11_ANIDIS_Seismic retrofit of existing structures through timber based systems

Material characterisation for the numerical modelling of a timber-based seismic retrofit for RC buildings Sommario
Francesco Smiroldo, Giovanni Sommacal, Stylianos Kallioras, Dionysios Bournas, Maurizio Piazza, Ivan Giongo

SS17_ANIDIS_Seismic retrofitting of masonry structures with FRP, FRCM, CRM and FRC systems

Study on the effectiveness of the CRM system: numerical simulations on masonry piers with OOFEM layered elements Sommario
Ingrid Boem, Borek Patzák, Alena Kohoutková