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SG04_ANIDIS - Vulnerabilità e rischio sismico

Seismic risk maps for the Italian residential building stock for a sustainable risk reduction and management Sommario
Mariano Angelo Zanini, Lorenzo Hofer, Flora Faleschini, Carlo Pellegrino

SG09_ANIDIS - Ponti, gallerie e strutture strategiche e speciali

Seismic reliability analysis of a two-span r.c. arch bridge Sommario
Mariano Angelo Zanini, Klajdi Toska, Flora Faleschini, Lorenzo Hofer, Gianantonio Feltrin, Carlo Pellegrino

SG12_ANIDIS - Analisi e riduzione del rischio sismico delle costruzioni: strategie, metodi e tecniche di intervento

A CAT bond-based coverage scheme proposal for Italy Sommario
Lorenzo Hofer, Mariano Angelo Zanini, Paolo Gardoni

GS03_ASSISi - International Standards on Seismically Isolated Structure

Full scale dynamic tests on concave curved surface sliders: comparison of time history tests and cyclic sinusoidal tests Sommario
Aikaterini Evina Pigouni, Nikolin Hima, Maria Gabriella Castellano, Samuele Infanti

GS09_ASSISi - Seismic protection of non-structural elements and equipment, statues and art objects

Shake table tests on a new passively controlled system with pulley amplification mechanisms for suspended ceilings Sommario
Ryo Majima, Tomonari Haruyama, Shigeki Sakai, Yasuo Yamasaki, Taiki Saito

SS06_ANIDIS_Advances in structural health monitoring for seismic assessment of historical structures and infrastructure

Investigation of a butterfly-arch stress-ribbon pedestrian bridge under ambient excitation: dynamic identification, FE modelling and parametric optimization Sommario
Leqia He, Chiara Castoro, Angelo Aloisio, Zhiyong Zhang, Giuseppe Carlo Marano, Amedeo Gregori, Changgen Deng, Bruno Briseghella

SS10_ANIDIS_Loss-assessment: post-earthquake data, predictions and mitigation strategies

What if scenarios for North-Eastern Italy Sommario
Lorenzo Hofer, Mariano Angelo Zanini

SS18_ANIDIS_Current strategies and proposal of new approaches for the design of Automated Rack Supported Warehouses

Seismic Performance of Double-Depth Automated Steel Rack Supported Warehouses in Low Seismicity Regions Sommario
Marius Pinkawa, Cristian Vulcu, Benno Hoffmeister