ANIDIS - L'ingegneria Sismica in Italia, ANIDIS XIX & ASSISi XVII - 2022

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Evaluation of the additional shear demand due to frame-infill interaction: a new capacity model

Fabio Di Trapani, Valentina Bogatkina, Massimo Petracca, Guido Camata

Ultima modifica: 2022-08-03


During earthquakes, masonry infills exert a significant stiffening and strengthening action which can be favourable or adverse to face the earthquake-induced demand. Infills transfer the force increment to the RC frame members as an additional shear force. Because of this, local shear failures at the end of the columns, or at the end of the beam-column joints can occur. This is particularly true in the case of non-seismically conforming frame structures, as also shown by post-earthquake damage revealed by recent and past earthquakes. The assessment of this additional shear demand is not possible using the common equivalent strut model for the infills. On the other hand, 2D inelastic models are not computationally effective to be used for seismic analysis of large and complex buildings. Because of this, the actual shear demand on columns is underestimated in most cases. In order to maintain the simplicity of the equivalent strut approach without losing the information about the actual shear force on the columns, the current paper provides a detailed study about the infill-frame shear transfer mechanism. Refined 2D inelastic models of real experimental tests on infilled frame are been realized in OpenSees with the aid of the STKO pre and post processor platform. The shear demand on the columns is extracted as on output of the simulations and compared to the axial force resulting from the same simulations made with the equivalent strut models. An analytical relationship allowing estimate the additional shear demand as a function of the current axial force on the equivalent struts and the geometrical and mechanical properties of the infilled frames is finally proposed. The formula can be easily used to perform shear safety checks of columns adjacent to the infills in seismic analyses.     

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